illumis alerts

Monitoring and intelligence for public records data

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illumis alerts can be deployed to search and monitor any public records database or data set. Alerts search a range of data sources including courts, lobbying records, business filings, campaign finance data, and more. And any public data set can be built into illumis alerts, giving you fully customizable intelligence solutions for whatever your needs may be.


Direct from the source

illumis taps directly into publicly accessible databases and retrieves data for you from these sources, giving you the most current publicly available data, directly from the source.


Ongoing intelligence

illumis alerts can run as frequently as you need — monthly, weekly, daily, or even more frequently if need be, providing you with the current intelligence you need.


The data you need

Any public data source can be integrated into illumis, giving you access to whatever data intelligence you need.

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Our Datasets

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Sanctions & Penalties
Monitor for new sanctions and penalties across hundreds of data sets

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Monitor for new cases across dozens of states

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Business Filings
Monitor business registrations and filings domestically and internationally

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Track for new contract awards, payments, and bids

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Lobbying Records
See new registrations and track a company’s national lobbying footprint

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Property Records
Monitor for new records of ownership

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Payments & Transfers
Monitor for new payments, including non-profit grants, campaign contributions, and more

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Adverse Events
Track new regulatory issues, data breaches, and other adverse events

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Use illumis’s highly extendable system to integrate monitoring of any public data set