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Monitor public records data to ensure regulatory compliance and avoid risk

Compliance solutions

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Game-changing solutions trusted by leading institutions

Public Data Monitoring to Ensure Compliance and Avoid Risk

Comprehensive data

illumis integrates thousands of data sources, providing the most comprehensive public data monitoring available.

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Alerts and monitoring

Customize alerts and monitoring, tailored to your team’s needs.

Streamline workflow

Organize records, share notes, and easily filter records to avoid false positives.

Access and share data

Quickly produce reports, export, and share data from the platform.


Integrate self-reporting and preclearance requests alongside monitoring for one seamless and robust compliance process.

Our Solutions

Political contribution monitoring

Political contribution monitoring

illumis is the leading public records monitoring solution. Our compliance solutions provide the most comprehensive data coverage available in the industry, helping teams in financial services monitor for risks like undisclosed political contributions by employees and potential pay to play violations.

Monitor lobbying records

Monitor lobbying records

Monitoring company lobbying registrations across all 50 states, federal registrations, and major cities and counties.


Outside business activities

Monitor outside business activities of registered reps across thousands of public records databases, including business registrations, professional licenses, real estate registrations, securities filings, and more.

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