July 20, 2021

illumis Welcomes New Client: Pillar Compliance Group

David Lombardy recently launched his own regulatory and compliance consulting firm, Pillar Compliance Group, to assist investment managers with the development, implementation, and ongoing monitoring of their compliance programs. In reviewing the regulatory environment around pay-to-play compliance, he saw the value in using illumis’ political contribution monitoring platform to provide the best risk coverage available for his clients.

According to David, “A pay-to-play violation is a risk for all my clients. A client may have policies and procedures in this area, but I strongly encourage them to enhance their compliance program by testing those policies and procedures. illumis has the solution to help my clients test their compliance policies in this area and therefore mitigate this risk to their business.”

We are excited to welcome David and Pillar Compliance Group to the illumis compliance platform and look forward to supporting their compliance efforts, and helping them better serve their clients and help manage risks.

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compliance updates
Pay-to-play regulations (and associated risk) doesn’t simply turn off during the off-election years.
compliance updates
Fact: political contributions are on the rise.
compliance updates
Political activism is at an all time high. And with it? The pay-to-play risk for financial firms who rely on government contracted work. As the number of state and local pay-to-play rules increase, so do the number of stipulations compounding the complexity for firms potentially already struggling with the risk of violation. Not only do firms have to worry about complying with commonly known federal regulations like the SEC and FINRA pay-to-play rules, but also additional, specific state or local rules.