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Extensive coverage
illumis integrates thousands of data sources, providing the most comprehensive public data search and monitoring solution available.
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Save significant time
illumis’s search finishes within seconds, allowing you to focus time on reviewing results and finishing projects quickly and efficiently.
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Alerts and monitoring
illumis’s Alerts send customized updates directly to your email inbox as new records of interest become available.
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Verify and share information
illumis results always link to primary sources for easy verification, and export features help you share findings with your team.

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Political Research & Vetting

Top political campaigns and advocacy groups use illumis to boost efficiency and widen the scope of their research. Opposition researchers can quickly access the information most relevant to today’s political landscape and vetting teams can move faster with a platform that includes sophisticated filters, easy exports, and customized data sources, tailored to identify political vulnerabilities.


Investigative Journalism

Journalists at large news organizations as well as independent accountability journalists use illumis to quickly search thousands of real-time data sources to inform deep-dive investigations and surface the facts needed to report on breaking news. The illumis platform can help uncover critical information in unexpected places, and monitor for new public records as soon as they become available.


Due Diligence & Reputational Risk

Enterprises use illumis to quickly identify and analyze the associated risks with potential business partners or other subjects requiring due diligence. Teams can save significant resources by reducing the average time needed for review and can trust illumis to complete - and enhance - a vetting process.


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