illumis investigative journalism

illumis is a perfect tool for quick and comprehensive investigations.

Whether you’re sourcing information around a breaking news event, or doing a deep dive to build out coverage of a person or party of interest, illumis can quickly surface the most relevant public records and data.


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Extensive Source Coverage

illumis covers thousands of public datasets across the federal, state and local levels. A single search can provide insight into a firm’s 50-state lobbying, an individual’s professional licenses, or city council contributions for a local campaign. With illumis, researchers and journalists can reach beyond what a manual process would allow and expand the scope of their investigations.


Real-time Results

illumis directly ingests data from thousands of sources, providing real-time access to the most up-to-date information. As soon as information becomes publicly available at the source, it will be reflected on the illumis without delay.


Monitoring and Alerts

illumis can monitor for new records related to any individual or entity. For a subject of interest, it may be important to know any time a new lobbying registration or court filing becomes available. illumis alerts can deliver the latest intelligence directly to your inbox.


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