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Opposition research and vetting are increasingly important in today’s political environment.
However, the tools and manual processes in this space are out-of-date.
illumis provides the tools your team needs to stay ahead.


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Extensive Source Coverage

illumis covers research basics like court records, professional licenses, and business registrations and goes further to provide comprehensive coverage of the datasets most relevant to campaigns and political organizations. Illumis has the largest and most up-to-date campaign finance database available, comprehensive lobbying registration coverage at the federal and state level, and hundreds of specific sources ranging from OSHA Violations and EPA Enforcements to White House Visitor logs and IRS filings.


Transparent and Real-time Results

illumis removes time-intensive tasks from the research process by making it clear what data sources are covered on the platform and by linking directly to primary documents. illumis directly ingests data from thousands of sources, providing real-time access to the most up-to-date information. Simple features like easy exports can save dozens of hours over the course of a campaign and customized data sources help meet specific process needs.


Designed and Informed by Researchers

illumis has several former political researchers and vetting specialists on our team, and we work closely with our customers to fine-tune the platform to fit your needs. From designing new features to expanding source coverage, the platform is built to boost efficiency and enhance the scope of any research and vetting operation—and our team is focused on building a great relationship to help your team succeed.


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