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Customizing Contribution Statuses

In order to make the process of reviewing and organizing employee contributions easier, illumis enables you to customize the statuses your team assigns to individual contribution records. You can then sort and view contributions by status.

To edit existing status labels and create new ones, go to your account name in the upper right and select Platform Settings. Note you’ll need manager permissions on the account to edit and add status labels. Under Status Labels you can edit existing statuses and create new ones by selecting “Add Custom Status.” Note that the default status label is what all incoming contribution records will be assigned when they first post to the platform.

To use statuses to organize your contribution records, go to the Dashboard screen and assign a status to individual contributions. You do this by selecting the Status drop-down menu available on the right side of each contribution record and assigning a status to the record.

You can filter the Dashboard by contributions assigned to a specific status by selecting the Status drop-down on the upper right and choosing the status you wish to filter by.