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Understanding The Data

illumis brings together thousands of data sources in one place for quick access and in-depth research. Understanding the types of data in the platform and where information is coming from can help you better understand your results:

Source Categories: illumis groups the individual sources into several broad categories. Some of these include:

  • Business Registrations confirm if a business has ever been officially registered with a state and can shed light on a business’s current standing. illumis pulls these records from Secretaries of State, Departments of Corporations, and other equivalent state-level agencies across all 50 states. These records vary by state but most will contain key fields like business name(s), date of incorporation, business address, current standing, and owner and/or officer information. We also integrate data from various third party data sets to augment these sources.
  • Professional Licenses provide information on individuals who may be active in a regulated profession such as attorneys, insurance brokers, and a wide range of other occupational and trade-related industries. Depending on how a state organizes and provides oversight on these industries, illumis may be retrieving records from either singular databases or across multiple databases for any given state. Either way, the information displayed will contain info such as the individual’s name, date of license, expiration date, and current status or existence of a disciplinary record.

  • Real Estate Licenses track individuals who are registered as real estate brokers or real estate agents and who may be engaging in real estate transactions. These records are often maintained by a state board of real estate licenses although for some states, illumis is also pulling in records maintained by a more centralized licensing agency. In most cases, the information displayed for these records will often contain the individual’s name, date of license, expiration date, affiliation with a firm or agency and any existence of a disciplinary record.

  • Regulations & Penalties include records related to a wide array of adverse and negative actions taken by federal or state-level agencies in response to misconduct or violation of relevant regulations. For example, the US Department of Health and Human Services maintains an exclusion list for individuals and organizations found to be violating department guidelines and prohibits any awarding of agency contracts or business to those on the list. Depending on the source, information in this category may include the name of the person or party involved, cause or type of violation, date of incident and possible date range for penalty.

  • The Miscellaneous category includes a number of singular sources with valuable data on searched persons or entities. For example, the IRS-990 source searches across filed 990 forms to flag current or past affiliations an individual may have with a non-profit.