Getting started

Adding Notes And Attachments To A Record

The “Notes” supports effective communication and collaboration across your organization. You can select the Note icon to scroll through a record’s activity history including any status changes, record sharing, and comments.

To add a new comment or attachment to a record:

  1. Select “Notes” to open comment
  2. Enter a comment into the text box
  3. Optional: to add an attachment, select “Attach file,” select a file for upload, and click “Open.”
  4. Click “Comment” to add to record

Adding the first note to a record in the “Search” tab will automatically update its status to “under review” and add it to the “Workflow” tab. You can add multiple notes to a record, and each comment will be attributed to the user who added it. As notes are added to records, an icon will appear showing a count of the number of notes that have been added to the record.